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Posted by sandiseo

Now a days it is difficult to get an adsense account with a blog. Google has changed their terms and policy for publishers. So it is a great headache to get an adsense account. You already know google is the boss in internet advertising, so you need an account. Do not cast down, there is a easy way. Go and sign up with your full detail. By becoming Docstoc member you can upload .doc, .xls, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .docx, .ppt, .pps, .xlsx, and .ppts files. Docstoc shares 50% of your revenue via Adsense with DocCash, that means you will get the payment from Google, not from DocStoc. It has many other advantages. It helps you to create free high quality back links to your sites, blogs, hubs, lens, etc, remember its current page rank is 8. Do not worry if you have no web site. It is not a problem to get adsence account in docstoc. It has no limit for uploading. So more uploading means more chance of income. Four things you should know about getting adsense account by docstoc are
  • give your detail information.
  • at least publish 6 copyright violation free documents.
  •  Make proper of your uploaded filesTitle, Description & Tags .
  • allow Docstoc to access to your adsense account during application.
if you have done metioned above, your adsense account will be activated with in 2-3 days.One thing never try.Do not click on your ads. Google does not like it. you will be banned.

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Antonella Agnetta L.C said...

Hello! I got approved by adsense when I joined, but when I visit my adsense settings (third party access), it says " 50% of content revenue 50%" and next to it there's an option that says "enable" and "disable", what if I decide to disable that option? Will my ads stop showing up on my site? cause Docstoc is taking 50% of my revenues which is a lot and I don't want that... Can you please help me clarify my doubts? I don't know if I can get banned from Adsense when I disable the access from Docstoc to my adsense account.

Thank u !!!

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