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Website Speed Test
Find out how fast your website loads. Too slow? Perhaps you need to optimize the page or move to a faster server. 
iWebtool is one of the websites that provide these checks. Website Speed ​​Test Tool name. In this tool you simply enter the web url or your blog into the text area. After you click the check button, it will show the results. Here are the results of checks on my webblog.

To use this tool you just insert your blog address or URL of your blog that you want to check, then the results will go right out. Results shown are: Size, Load Time and Speed ​​Avarege per KB. Noteworthy is "Size", because "Load Time" and "Avarege Speed ​​per KB" the result will always be changing. If test results show his blogging size more than 100 KB, try to minimize it by reducing the knick-knacks that are less useful as a clock, calendar, etc.. With this tool you can also compare with the web / blog belongs to someone else or with this simple blog.
Good luck, and pray Sizenya hopefully no more than 100 KB,: D

Please Down your URL Website In Here

Domain Anda: Masukkan alamatnya web anda (Maximum 10)

Key:  Slow

Average  Fast

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